General rules for 3on3 cup:

ClanBase and TZ-AC banned players are not allowed, a team using that kind of player will be disqualified.
If you find to play versus or with someone who is banned on ClanBase, please report him as soon as possible with evidence.
If a player is caught cheating, the team will be disqualified.
Side is allowed unless both teams agree not to use it.
Spectators are allowed only if opponent agree upon it and if the match isn't being broadcasted by ETTV, use speclock and specinvite.
Use lock and speclock before the game starts, to avoid any issues.
The captain of the team needs to idle at during the whole cup.
Report any issues, if possible, BEFORE the match starts to the admin, upon pressing F3 or voting the match to start, you basically agree to play.
A player can only play for ONE team during the cup.
If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be Adlernest.
You have to check-in in order to confirm your presence.
A team can claim a forfeit-win after 15 minutes of waiting for opponent.

Every player is forced to record their in-eye demos even if there is a ETTV on the server. Only, and only, if there is a working ETTV demo replay available, you no longer have to upload your in-eye demos and they may be deleted.

Map selection rules:

Grand Final is Bo3, meaning that the teams will be selecting which maps will be played through elimination cycle.
Each team eliminates 4 maps each and the remaining 2 maps are played. Who eliminates first or second is chosen via coin toss, whoever WINS the coin toss eliminates SECOND. If a decider map is needed another coin toss vote is called and this time whoever WINS the coin toss eliminates FIRST, then the maps are eliminated one by one until there is 1 map left.